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9 : Mahiro Rings In The New Year

Episode 9: Mahiro Rings in the New YearKaede and Mihari, plus Mahiro and Momiji, decide to do a double date on Christmas Eve.Date of Original Broadcast on Japanese TVMar. 2, 2023Episode 9Time LineThe time of the holidays from Christmas to New Years.Location(s)The holiday displays at city center, shopping at the downtown stores, the Oyama household, the local Buddhist or Shinto Shrine and holiday festival, the Hozuki household.Transition HighlightsMahiro becomes more and more at ease in pleasant company with her female friends. She trusts that her friends will be faithful to her, whatever the New Year brings.

9 : Mahiro Rings In the New Year


It certainly was a tall order and a daunting task for a former HIKKO NEET, like 'male' Mahiro was, to return to school, like what female Mahiro has concented to do. She messes up her first batch of exams, but was able to connect socially with other girls in her class. That in itself was a major accomplishment, and doing it as a fellow girl, to boot ! Mahiro even tried to reach out and sociallize with the boys in the class, albeit regarding video games that boys would be interested in. Her comraddeship with her teen female friends had even evolved to the point that Mahiro joined an impromptu sleepover during the winter holidays, but not without a few problems that came up. Still, Mahiro is embracing femininity more and more, as time goes by. With the New Year soon to be upon her, what challenges and rewards will that fresh start on the year bring her way ?

It's New Year's Eve (1), and Mahiro and Mihari are staying up 'till midnight to see the New Year commence. Mihari is peeling oranges, and feeding the orange slices to Mahiro. Both siblings are under the kotatsu (2) for warmth. At the stroke of midnight, both siblings wish each other a "Happy New Year". Seconds into the new year, Mahiro wants their otoshidama (3)! Mihari readily agrees, and hands over a pitiful 500 yen coin ( $ 3.67 USD). Mahiro is miffed, but Mihari takes it all in stride, pointing out that Mahiro is adult-enough to handle something like this. Further good will is offered by Mihari as she wishes Mahiro good fortune at continuing to be a girl for the coming year. Still in a sour mood about the skimpy 500 yen, Mahiro says that someday they will become 'normal'.

(1) New Years Eve---The annual Bell-Ringing Ceremony follows the Japanese custom in which the end-of-the-year bell (joya no kane) is struck 108 times before midnight on New Year's Eve, symbolically welcoming the New Year and curbing the 108 mortal desires (bonno), which according to Buddhist belief torment humankind.

(7) Hatsumode---Hatsumode is the first Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. Some people visit a Buddhist temple instead. Many visit on the first, second, or third day of the year as most are off work on one of those days.

So sure that she will ace her upcomeing exams, Mahiro tells herself that she has already been through this part of middle school (two years ago as a "male"), therefore, the exams will be a 'piece of cake'. However, in a real paradox, during the beginning of the test session, Mahiro wakes up the sleepy girl, who seemingly was going to sleep through the tests, yet in a little while, Mahiro herself falls asleep. Oh well, better luck next time !

However, In a couple of hours or so, Momiji wakes up. She has to use the toilet, but unforunately, decides that she can 'hold it' until morning. Next to wake up is Mahiro. She is freezing, as she now has no sheets or cover blanket. Asahi, next to her, asleep, has taken them and is hugging them like a bedtime toy ! She really does have a horrible sleeping posture, Mahiro thinks to herself as she tries to extricate the coverings from Asahi's grasp. But, no can do ! Asahi won't wake up, and she won't let go. After a while, a shivering Mahiro thinks to herself that this is an emergency ! She will have to step over Momiji to get to the bedroom door, to go out into the hall, and retrieve more sheets and a blanket. As she begins to move, this awakens Momji. She sees 'someone or something' moving, and holding onto a pillow. Only one thought pops into Momiji's mind---"MAKURA GAESHI !!! (The Pillow Flipper !)" This is absolutely too much for an already apprehensive and jittery Momiji, she unfortunately 'lets go' ! Mahiro quietly apologizes, but as Mahiro moves across Momji's futon, she finds it thoroughly wet . . . . . . . .

Mahiro used to be a degenerate slacker with a love only for manga with stories of bondage and sex slavery, and staying home playing video games. It was noted that before the start of the series, he hadn't left his house for two years. According to Mihari, Mahiro wasn't always like this.

At the start of the series, Mahiro hated going outside and wasn't felt overwhelmed by large crowds due to spending two years inside her house as a shut in. Spending time with Kaede and Momiji helped to lessen the discomfort and it eventually disappeared shortly after she was enrolled in middle school.

When they were younger, Mahiro got along famously with Mihari. They would play together, and tease each other as brothers and sisters often do, but they also deeply cared about one another and Mahiro would do his best to take care of her as her older brother. This started to change after it became apparent that Mihari was a prodigy who's achievements began to surpass anything that Mahiro could ever hope to achieve. As a result, he stopped making time for Mihari and became isolating himself in his room, sleeping in past noon and playing video games while never leaving the house for a period of two years before the start of the series.

A spin-off to the main Kagerou Project story set 3 years later titled Kagerou Daze No.9, with art done by Sayuki, was announced on June 8, 2019 and was originally set to screen January 2020, but has since been delayed.

He wakes up in Tokiko's hotel room and is shocked to see Tokiko wearing normal clothes. He asks Tokiko why she dropped out of school to become a warrior but Tokiko doesn't give him a straight answer. They figure out that the creator lives in the dorm and ask around but nobody knows who he is based on his description, Kazuki sketches up an impressive but unfitting portrait of him which proves even less effective. He and Mahiro come across a sickly third year student and eventually figure out that he is the creator. As the creator describes himself Tokiko confirms his identity as Koushaku Chouno. Chouno offers him to trade his Homunculus antidote for Kazuki's Kakugane. Kazuki refuses, stating that the Kakugane is his new life. Chouno, desperate for a new life lunges at him only to be knocked out by a single punch. Tokiko arrives and explains that his antidote was a fake.

At dinner Kazuki gets ready for his first night of training with Bravo. Okakura asks him what type of training they are doing but Kazuki and Bravo simultaneously say that it is a secret because it is cooler that way. Kazuki is later seen training with Bravo when they have a break. Bravo tells him that Tokiko was transferred to his school as the Homunculi prefer eating younger humans, and often attack schools and so Ginsei High would be a perfect target as it has a dormitory full of sleeping livestock. He then tells him that one time 7 years ago the Alchemist Warriors were too late and a whole school was devoured. Kazuki then activates his Buso Renkin and continues training.

He swiftly kicks Victor in the face and attempts to activate his Buso Renkin, however Victor grabs his arm and slices it off with his Fatal Attraction. Kazuki quickly counters by summoning back his Black Kakugane which flies back to him, slicing off Victor's arm in the process. Kazuki then grabs the arm and absorbs it allowing him to regenerate his own arm back. Victor stays afloat in the air and quickly regenerates his arm stating that with both of them being Victorized, the battle wont be over quickly. Victor tells Kazuki that their battle is over and decides to see how much the world has changed over the last century, telling him that he has plenty of time to kill him and everything related to alchemy. Victor finally warns him that he will suffer as Victor did a hundred years ago and tells him to prepare himself before flying away.

Mahiro is the youngest son of President Amagiri Hajime, to whom he is nothing but a nuisance. His older brother, Amagiri Chihiro, is none other than the Legend Class idol ChiHERO, who was once widely beloved but has disappeared from the idol world, claimed to have committed suicide when Mahiro was around 16 years old. It is implied that his mother passed away when he was still a child, leaving him with no one to rely on other than his older brother, to whom he looked up a lot.

Since she is actually grade school-age, her high school uniform is far too large for her as shown by her sleeves which cover her hands and she is also smaller than the average 9-year-old as Kobeni Yonomori does not believe her when she says that she is 9-years-old at first, which seems that being petite may run in her family, as seen with Shirayuki Mitsumine (Mashiro's mother).

That was a devastating way for someone to both win and lose a title, but I want to give all the credit to those involved. After the match, Manase carried Maki out of the ring to make sure she got help and when she tearfully went to follow without giving a post-match promo, the seconds at ringside stopped her and insisted she take her moment. It was a couple of lovely examples of genuine human decency in the middle of a nasty situation. They all deserve props for that.

The second week in August brings a B.J. Novak\/strong's interesting (in a good way) directorial debut \"Vengeance\/strong,\" the animated distraction that is \"Paws of Fury\/strong,\" Lena Dunham\/strong's sex positive \"Sharp Stick\/strong;\" the latest entry in the Sniper\/strong franchise; the Japanese action film \"Baby Assassins\/strong;\" a pandemic horror vacation in \"Camping Trip\/strong;\" a historical drama in \"Lost Illusions\/strong;\" the WWII documentary \"Syndrome K\/strong;\" and the horror mystery \"When I Consume You.\/strong\" I've only had the chance to see \"Vengeance\" (which I recommend) and \"Paws of Fury\" (it's just for kids). 041b061a72


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