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Free Bondage Orgasm =LINK=

On lower settings, the TENS feels intensely erotic. When turned up, pain enters the mix as the sensations turn into a biting pinch. For those who enjoy BDSM, this might be quite enjoyable. People who use TENS devices strictly for orgasmic pleasure generally keep the intensity settings low.

free bondage orgasm

The insertable attachments can make the vagina or anus involuntarily contract and release just like they do during orgasm. Not only does this feel wonderful, but some women also use the vaginal attachments to assist with Kegel exercises.

TENS units are great for solo use because they are excellent for inducing hands-free orgasm. Nothing beats the sensation of using a dildo or butt plug at the same time as electrode pads on the external genitals. Mystim units also have custom presets, so you can set the intensity of the electricity to increase and decrease at intervals of your choosing. 041b061a72

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