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Download Pink Floyd The Final Cut 1983 Lossless Rar

72-Mar-20: Belgian TV: DVD (BT > DVD: 29.19m) E-72-Nov-18: Violent Dreams Imperial College - London, England VG/VG+Earliest circulating recording of Supper's Ready73-Jan-10: Bataclan: DVD French TV - Bataclan, France (BT > DVD: 33.47m) VG+/E-73-Jan-22: Palasport Roma, Italy (FTP: SHN > CD) VG+ The vocals are a little low, though not too bad73-Feb-25: De Montford Hall Leicester, England E-73-Feb-25: Dutch Live Test Pressing De Montford Hall - Leicester, England (FLAC > CD: 75.02m) ERated as Essential Genesis Collection Material - Superb performance and crystal clear sound73-Summer: Selling Unplanned By The Sound (FLAC > CD: 57.16m) VG+Early workouts of Selling England By The Pound - Gabriel's vocals are mostly undeveloped, though his vocals are definitely present73-Oct-20: Live Supper Rainbow Theater - London, England (fr FM broadcast)Missing Watcher Of The Skies, but has Cinema Show73-Oct-30: Shepperton: The 16mm Film (NTSC): DVD Shepperton Studios - England (BT > DVD: 64.23m) ERated as Essential Genesis Collection Material. Superb video performance of Genesis in their prime. IMO this is the best directed/produced filmed lived performance I have ever seen of any band. There is absolutely no footage of anything but the band and the camera more often than not is focused on the right person at any given time. The stage setup is perfect. Gabriel is absolutely mesmerizing. Every movement and expression he gives is deliberate and done to add to the theatrical performance he gives. His costumes are great and add so much to the performance. The show would not be the same w/o them. That said, I most like his look when he is not wearing any costume or mask. His look during the Foxtrot and Selling England era with the cutout U in his bangs is freaking cool. As opposed to the awesome Gabriel, Collins comes across as the most boring man on earth. He is obviously trying, but not succeeding, to act cool and aloof. The end result is that watching Phil is slightly less interesting than watching grass grow. Don't get me wrong, I like Phil, but my god, if he could have turned in a more boring performance I'd be amazed. Hackett is in great form. The only fault I can find is that they really needed to include The Cinema Show to the set. They could have easily dropped Watcher or IKWIL. That song would have been more fitting than either of those two.73-Oct-30: Shepperton: The 16mm Film (NTSC) Shepperton Studios - England (BT > DVD > CD: 64.23m) E-Though lacking some of the brightness of Cinema Landscapes, this has much better overall dynamicsDVD > WAV > CD transfer done by me73-Oct-30: Cinema Landscapes Shepperton Studios - Shepperton, England (63.01m) VG+Though this is a bit brighter than the 16mm Film CD version above, it's also a lot flatter - The 16mm disc is much better overall73-Nov-8: Massey Hall Toronto, Canada (2CD: Hogweed HW01 remastered) VG/VG+73-Nov-22: Felt Forum New York, NY (2CD: Hogweed HW13 remastered) VG+73-Dec-19: From A Flower To An Earl The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA (2nd Show: SHN > 2CD) VG+/E-73-Dec-20: The Midnight Special: DVD NBC Studios - Burbank, CA (BT > VCD > DVD: 15.30m) VG+/E-Transferred to DVD by me from VCD source74-Feb-12: Melody TV Show: DVD ORTF Studios - Paris, France (BT > DVD: 30.12m) VG+/E-This performance unfortunately looks like is was produced by an even-more-than-usual acid dosed Sid + Marty Krofft and is ultimately inferior to the 1973 filmed performances; especially annoying are these breakaway shots of a Gabriel that are not from the actual performance and are annoying in that you'd rather see the actual performance. Still, it is very nice that we get a complete performance of Supper's Ready. Plus any pre-Lamb recording of this line-up is defintely worth having.74_Feb-May: Live 1974: DVD (BT > DVD: 108m) video quality ranges from VG- to VG+74-Apr-21: Horizons University Sports Centre - Montreal, Canada (2CD) VG+From their highpoint of Foxtrot and Selling England, Genesis sank into the lows of the piece of crap that was The Lamb. Continuing on this download slide, Gabriel left.76-Apr-13: Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, PA (SHN > 2CD: 119.52m) VG+76-Apr-20: JEMS Master Ford Auditorium - Detroit, MI (FLAC > 2CD: 114.16m) I included 2 tracks from 76-June-10 (Cinema + Supper: 34.38m)This is the same show as the 'Just A Pool Of Tears' LP76-May-7: Will Rogers Auditorium Fort Worth, Texas (2CD) The last show of their US tour - Bill Bruford on drums - from either Will Rogers Auditorium or Convention Hall76-July-9/10: In Concert: DVD Glasgow, Scotland + Stafford, England (complete: 42.58m) Taped via DVR and transferred to DVD by me (VH1 Classics: BBC Crown Jewels > DVR: commercials removed)82-Oct-2: FADE003 Milton Keynes Bowl - Milton Keynes, England (SHN > 2CD) VG+Reunion concert with Peter Gabriel - Steve Hackett on last two tracks, apparently83-Nov-27: Spectrum Philadelphia, PA (FTP: SHN > 2CD) E-Their 1983-1984 tour was great pop-prog83-Dec-11: Greensboro, NC Coliseum - Greensboro, NC (FTP: SHN > 2CD) VG+Somewhat distant sounding, though not too bad84-Jan-14: Westwood One Forum - Los Angeles, CA (SHN > CD) EPre FM - from the transcription discs84-Feb_25-29: The Mama Tour: DVD National Exhibition Centre - Birmingham, England (55.22m: inc, 4 songs are missing) EThis is a great performance - unfortunately it is an incomplete bcast of the 1984 VHS that's yet to be released on DVDTaped via DVR and transferred to DVD by me (InConcert OnDemand > DVR: non related material removed)Return To Top

Download Pink Floyd The Final Cut 1983 Lossless rar

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