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Buy Couch Near Me

Many antique furnishings feature design elements and fabric patterns that can be hard to replace or recreate. But reupholstering is an excellent way to restore them to their original glory. To really make them shine like new, consider restoring or refinishing the non-fabric elements of the furniture. Once you consult a top-rated reupholstery pro near you, you may come to find that a certain piece just needs to be cleaned.

buy couch near me

If you need to gut a couch entirely, you'll probably spend more on the upholstery fabric required to restore it than you would on a brand-new sofa purchase. On the flip side, fixing something small, like a dining room chair, will almost always be more affordable. And using a slipcover to refresh a threadbare piece can cost even less.

Convinced I had found my ideal rebound, I called my ex to schedule the pickup date for the breakup couch. Then, nearly two and a half months later, I watched as the movers hauled my new sofa up two flights of stairs and into my little prewar apartment (which fit through the door with just a millimeter or two to spare). After busying myself with rearranging a new setup, I snapped photos for friends in my various group chats, all of which praised my new aesthetic with a flurry of emojis.

As I see it, there are a lot of options available to buy a slipcover. It really depends on what kind of slipcover you are looking for. Do you want a loose cover that is more generic and covers your couch or chair? Or do you want a custom-fitted slipcover?

If you are one of the lucky ones and you want a slipcover for a popular couch or sofa from IKEA or Pottery Barn, then you have lots of options. I have links to slipcover options at the end of this post. Be sure to read through to understand what kind of slipcover is best for your needs, as I have included lots of options for you.

You can find local upholsterers near you by searching on google. You might want to start with Yelp and use their suggestion of the highest-ranked upholsterers in your area. Just be sure to ask if they make slipcovers and ask them to show photos of their work.

If you happen to own an IKEA couch then you certainly can buy a slipcover directly from IKEA. But the fabric choices are very limited and they do discontinue their brands fairly often. They recently discontinued the Ektorp brand and some of us own two EKTORP sectionals and one sofa sleeper and I will need slipcovers!

Searching for the comfiest, most perfect sofa for your living room can be a rollercoaster ride of endless options and overwhelming feelings. If you're in the market for a new one, we enlisted interior design expert, Gil Walsh of GW Interiors, to make it easy. With over 30 years of design experience in residential and commercial projects, Walsh understands that choosing the right sofa goes beyond aesthetics. Finding the right sofa for your needs and space is easier said than done. The ideal couch has to be the right size, good quality, stylish, and, of course, comfy. "Besides the cushion fill, the comfort is all in the weave of the fabric," Walsh says. "Soft, plush, and textured fabrics are the coziest, and when we need durable fabric, we look for a plush performance fabric."

To help you find the right (most comfortable) choice for your home, we curated a list of 16 sofas, including affordable couches, leather sofas, and couches for small spaces. Plus, there's no better time to shop for a quality sofa than now.

Create the ultimate lounge den with the amazing Albany Park Kova Pit ($3,031, originally $3,789). The large, deep cushions are truly a dream to relax on, and its spring suspension system will support you marvelously. You can move the pieces around and use the middle as an ottoman. It comes in a handful of colors and configurations, so you can get the perfect one for your space. Each piece comes in a box, it ships fast, and it's easy to set up. Delivery time depends on the colorway you choose, but some options can be at your door in two to three weeks, while others can take up to five weeks. Read the full review of the Albany Park Kova Pit Sofa and explore more couches on sale from Albany Park with our curated guide.

Looking to buy a more affordable option? The popular Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch ($320, originally $420) is your match. With more than 7,000 rave reviews, the bestseller speaks for itself. People love its reversible chaise lounge, making it versatile for any space. It also comes in light gray and beige options. It requires minimal assembly with no tools, and the brand says it should take 20 minutes to set up. It also has quick delivery, specifically because it's sold on Amazon, so it can be at your house in a week or so. Explore more affordable couches with our curated guide.

The editor-backed Castlery Hamilton Sofa ($1,799 originally $1,899) is comfortable yet supportive and firm. "I have a bad back, but the cushions are firm enough to keep everything aligned while also making me feel like I'm wrapped up in a warm cocoon," one of our editors says. She also points out that this sofa is built to last. "It's sturdy, and the quality can be seen and felt, especially in the stitching," she says. Want to know more? Read her in-depth review of the Castlery Hamilton Sofa here. The seats of this couch are deep and can comfortably seat up to three people. Plus, this sofa comes with two accent pillows for a cozier feel. If you like this sofa but want a larger option, they sell sectionals in the Hamilton style as well.

This Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa with Reversible Cushions ($950, originally $1,768) is our favorite couch from Wayfair. It's an amazing option if you want to create your dream sofa. The sofa comes with more than 70 fabric options (including performance fabric, as recommended by Walsh), giving you a ton of ways to build something supremely cozy. The site offers different delivery methods, including doorstep drop-off and in-room setup. Explore more couches from Wayfair with our curated guide.

A curved sofa is such a cool, modern design piece, and right now, our favorite is this West Elm Curved Modern Sofa ($2,399). It's a modern style you'll be so happy you own every time you see it. If you want to make your dream modern oasis, this is the couch we'd pick. It's super sturdy thanks to its wood frame, and has springy seats that won't sag. Explore even more curved couches in our curated guide.

You'll work, lounge, take calls, and nap on this Burrow Nomad Velvet Sofa ($1,695). The velvet design looks great but is also incredibly functional. While some velvet options can be difficult to maintain, this one is specifically designed with performance fabric to be long-lasting and durable. The brand lets you customize your design with either wood or metal legs in various finishes, and also allows you to add bolster pillows. This sofa is high quality and won't sag. It comes in separate, easy-to-unpack boxes and is quick and simple to assemble. This sofa also has quick delivery, with most sofas shipping in two to four weeks. Explore more velvet couches in our curated guide.

If you love the look of those low-profile couches, the Castlery Jonathan Leather Extended Sofa ($3,699) is the one for you. The leather sofa is a very specific interior design look, and the right style makes any room feel more sophisticated and elegant. We love the soft leather and hardwood frame for its luxurious look. Explore even more leather sofas with our curated guide.

If you are particular about sofa arms and love a square shape, get the Pottery Barn Dream Square Arm Upholstered Sofa ($2,099-$3,799). The name says it all, and it's a bestseller for a reason. Customers love its classic design, cloud-like down cushions and arms, which are useful for lounging on and even placing a drink on if you dare. The brand offers both regular and white-glove delivery, and this sofa was built to last, so it won't sag. Explore even more Pottery Barn couches in our curated guide.

We're suckers for anything fuzzy, especially bouclé. The cool material is one of the year's biggest furniture trends, and you can get in on it with the Crate & Barrel Leisure Power Recliner Sofa ($3,200). With its slim arms and cool texture, no one would ever guess it's a reclining sofa. The power controls lift the legs and tilt the back, giving you the perfect lounging position. Made with a hardwood frame, you know this sofa is quality. It's delivered with white-glove service, so all you'll have to do is relax. Explore even more recliner couches in our curated guide. 041b061a72

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