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Where To Buy Upholstery Staple Gun

Electric and pneumatic upholstery staple guns are excellent for furniture and vehicle upholstery, light wood assembly, dust covers, cabinet backs, felt insulation, roofing felt, molding, bedding & packaging.

where to buy upholstery staple gun

Upholstery is unique in that it has a certain level of durability to it, but there is also a certain level of fragility. You need to have a staple gun that will firmly tack the upholstery into place and then stand up to normal wear and tear conditions.

The bottom loading magazine caught our attention on the first impression we had with this product. The design allows users to reload staples faster than conventional designs allow so there is less downtime during a project.

This stapler uses 22 gauge 3/8 inch staples only, so be aware of this as you get to work. The magazine itself holds nearly 200 staples and multiple legs will fire consistently for your upcoming project.

The design of this staple gun is reminiscent of the Duo-Fast 50 series of staplers and the quality of the tool itself is similar as well. It is remarkably lightweight at just 2.5 pounds for what it can do.

The stapling mechanism is triggered by pressing the tool down into the material that needs to be affixed. If you press too hard, you might damage the upholstery, but a triggered staple gun also needs comprehensive safety features if there are any kids around.

Chairs, sofas, and other types of furniture often have small cracks where a staple is required to affix the upholstery properly. Without the extended nose that the upholstery staple gun has, it becomes impossible to properly finish the project.

The best staple gun for upholstery will help you to create something amazing or repair your favorite items with ease. Some of these staple guns may require a small investment, but will pay off with large dividends day after day.

All BeA staple guns are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and inventory is very uncertain due to COVID. Once you place your order, if items are not in stock, we will promptly advise and keep as a backorder or cancel, whichever you prefer.

Just ask any professional upholsterer which brand of staple guns they use, and the vast majority will tell you BeA. Why? Because they easily drive staples into even the hardest wood and give you superior results year after year.

So why spend so much money on a staple gun? The answer depends on what you want: just a tool to get the job done regardless of the quality or ease of use, or an investment that performs over and over and won't ruin your hand.

The 71 Series Staplers have been firm customer favourites for as long as we can remember. Our upholstery friends are particularly big fans of the range, so are our DIY customers and even those taking on specialist projects such as car door cards.

For the semi-professional upholsterer, perhaps with a small business, who are going to be using your staplers more frequently than a DIY-er but in no way industrial volumes, then our Stanley Bostitch 71 Series Staplers may be more to your liking. Durable but powerful and will stay by your side for years to come.

Finally, for those industrial users, perhaps a large upholstery company or production lines, you are going to need something a lot sturdier. We suggest the Josef Kihlberg range for these types of applications. Though this range is definitely more on the pricey side of things, these tools are handmade to order in Sweden to really give your business that bespoke quality.

High resistance body in fiberglass reinforced resin. Extended nose. High quality case will protect your electric upholstery staple gun. Includes free box of 10,000 3/8"-length staples ($7.50 value). We recommend you also buy a box of 1/2 #7 staples if you are working on furniture with an outside back and arms as the thicker padding requires a longer staple to sink into the wood through all the padding. 110 volts for North America only.

The KeLDE T50 Staple Gun Kit is a hand-held manual staple gun ideal for DIY upholstery projects and more! It is a simple tool that anyone can use, and is a lightweight and convenient tool that you can carry anywhere. It has a special lock mechanism to prevent accidental usage. This upholstery staple gun is capable of using D-type and T-type staples, making it a 2-in-1 multipurpose staple gun. This product also comes with 300 staple pins each of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm, along with 300 pieces of 15mm brad nails, ensuring you get to to handle any simple upholstery or DIY repair job right after you receive the product!

The WEN 20-gauge is the first pneumatic stapler on our list and you can be assured it is a powerhouse of a stapler gun. It is a fantastic air-powered stapler gun with a great build quality at an affordable price, capable of handling simple upholstery projects and even heavy-duty woodworking, trim work, vinyl installation, and more! The magazine of this gun can hold up to 100 fasteners at a time, the gun also comes with an extender that helps you to reach those hard-to-reach places.

When using a stapler gun, you must be aware of the different types of staples that are available for you to use. Depending on the task at hand, some staple types may be more useful than others, some of the more common staples that you will encounter are the D-type staples (good at holding things together), U-type staples (good at holding down chords or wires), T-type staples (good at holding things in place or being used as an axel) and finally brad nails (commonly used for holding things in place and construction).

There is a large variety of staple guns available in the market, and some are designed to be small and compact for portability. This however also reduces the capacity that an upholstery staple gun can hold in reserve. Generally, manual staple guns have a much lower capacity in comparison to a pneumatic staple gun. Depending on the task that you wish to embark on or complete, the capacity of the gun may make your job easier.

The safety features of a staple gun are not something that should be overlooked. Just like a real weapon, an upholster gun can do similar or worse harm if not used with care. For example, real firearms are fitted with safety features so that the weapon is not accidentally fired when not required. The same should be so for a staple gun be it manual or air pressure powered, especially if you are purchasing one for household projects or repairs.

You can now effortlessly complete your DIY upholstery projects using a handy staple gun. Used for woodworking, home improvement, and upholstery, these guns are specifically designed to fix various staples on different materials. But before choosing the right staple gun, take a look at the various types, including D-type staples, U-type staples, and T-type staples, and choose one according to your needs. Also, prioritize safety and choose ones with a rubberized comfort grip, lightweight for easy use, a safety lock, and an ergonomic and comfortable handle. We hope our list of the best staple guns for upholstery can assist you in your search.

An upholstery staple gun can come in handy when doing repair work around the house or starting a DIY project. Apart from holding papers, you can also use upholstery staple guns to staple different fabrics and materials. However, it is essential to know the correct usage for optimal safety. Follow the infographic below to have a safe stapling experience.SaveIllustration: Momjunction Design Team

Compact and durable, this fine wire stapler delivers best-in-class performance for a variety of applications, including upholstery, cabinets, molding, and furniture assembly. The SFT10XP features a robust all-metal motor and a thread-in steel cap that prevents wear and minimizes recoil, keeping you working for longer. This stapler has a short trigger stroke and select automatic models can fire up to 30 fasteners per second. The aluminum magazine of the SFT10XP features a unique one-handed magazine release that allows for quick and easy reloads.

Nail guns and staple guns serve similar functions, as they both temporarily or permanently fasten materials. The main difference is that nail guns work better with harder materials, such as wood, while staple guns fasten carpet, upholstery, foam, and other softer materials. If a staple gun sounds like the tool you need for your next project, the This Old House Reviews Team is here to help. We researched the best staple guns on Amazon and explained our top recommendations below.

Those who left positive reviews for this staple gun said that it was lightweight, which made it easy to handle. Happy customers also mentioned its durability. However, some customers said that it had less power than they anticipated. Others said that it occasionally pinched their hands when they activated its trigger.

Customers who gave this product positive reviews stated that it was sturdy and easy to hold. They also said that it fastened a wide variety of materials. Some users felt like its design was lacking, though, as staples jammed in it, and its trigger required a lot of force to pull.

Though this staple gun was heavier than other models on the market, customers still found it to be easy to handle. However, some users struggled with the included staples, stating that they were thin and caused misfires.

Yes. There are electric staple guns that plug into an outlet or use a rechargeable battery and pneumatic staple guns that get their power from compressed air. However, a manual gun should suffice for most household projects.

A high-quality tool from a name brand company like BeA is an investment worth making. I feel comfortable saying that this gun can easily last 20 years and potentially much longer in any busy trim shop. I highly recommend this staple gun.

If you want a versatile staple gun that can shoot six different types of fasteners, is easy to use, and is fairly easy on your hands, then our top choice, the WORKPRO 6-in-1, is your best bet. But if you want an electric staple gun that shoots staples quickly and easily, then give the Arrow T50ACD a look instead. 041b061a72

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