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Buy Ballet Barre

This website has the most reasonable prices I've found after looking at so many different sites and stores. The barre shipped very quickly, was easy to track, and looks beautiful once installed! Very happy with the quality and the price.

buy ballet barre

I couldn't be happier with the beautiful practice barre. It is easy to assemble, easy to stash out the way, lightweight yet study and firm, beautiful to look at, fully functional, the bar soft and smooth to the touch, and arrived very quickly. Thank you so much for the great product!

This is a well designed product for ballet exercises: sturdy but light enough to move around. Not quite the same as being in a studio class, but a great alternative when forced to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Product was shipped quickly and put in action right away.

Whether you have little girls who love dance, are a dancer yourself, or are an exercise enthusiast, purchasing a ballet barre is a great choice to enhance your home gym. Ballet barres are used in dance for practicing a variety of stretches and positions, as well as in exercise programs to help improve posture and flexibility.

Are you looking to order ballet barre brackets online? BuyRailings offers both brass and stainless steel wall mount brackets, which provide a strong anchor point for your bar. In addition, you can buy either flush or rounded end caps for your barre at All our products are the highest quality and come at affordable prices to fit your budget.

Once an order is placed it is immediately sent into production and order will not be eligible for cancellation or refund. If you placed the order and immediately noticed that you made an error please contact Custom Barres immediately via phone 848.245.9464 and email us to - we will be more then happy to assist you.

Your product has a one year structural warranty. In the event that your barre or brackets are proven defective within one year of purchase, we will exchange or repair it at our expense. This is only a structural warranty and does not cover cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, water damage or expected wear and tear. This warranty is void if the buyer did not follow installation guidelines and/or if the Custom Barres label has been removed.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional reputable LICENSED contractor to install your barre and not installing yourself. Knowledge of building construction is highly recommended for proper installation and to ensure barre strength, stability and safety for all users.

Spacing of the brackets depends on the main use of the barre. For BALLET we recommend spacing the brackets 48"-64" apart, and for FITNESS spacing brackets 32"-48" apart. (Exception: Core brackets require 32" to maximum of 36" spacing). For Barres over 8', a bracket must fall on the joint where barre sections connect.

Both brackets are well secured into the wood barre by 2 wood screws under the saddle. Open saddle will give you the ability to stretch beyond the bracket location without having the bracket in the way, which is a really nice feature, especially for Ballet. The closed saddle provide you with slightly more support and hide the seam between 2 barre sections. Both options are perfectly suited for Barre fitness and/or Ballet.

Custom Barres carry only top quality hard wood, so it really depends on your budget and the look you are looking for. Unfinished Ash: $ (good) Medium grain and color Unfinished Oak: $$ (better) Visible Grain - Reddish undertone. Stains Better - Stronger than Ash Unfinished Maple $$$ (best) Smoothest Natural Unfinished - Stronger than Both to compare and see a close up picture of the wood please visit our available wood page - -wood-barres/

No. Many dancers wish to leave the barre unfinished. The wood barres come well sanded and unfinished. You may wish to stain them to match your room decor and/or apply 3-4 coats of Polyurethane to preserve the beauty of the wood, and bring out the beautiful wood grain. Finishing the wood provides a seal which will make cleaning easier, as natural unfinished wood is pourous. We offer clear finish or wood stain finishes only on our ballet barre kits. The wood on our professional portable ballet barres, PRIMA and VIRTUOSO, includes CLEAR coating.

Wipe the barres with baby wipes/antibacterial regularly. These wipes are just as effective on sticky barres as they are on children. If the baby wipes have not removed all the sticky residue. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, shake gently. Spray the cleaning solution directly onto the barre and wipe with a cleaning rag. Repeat as necessary until all residue has been removed. Wipe the barres clean with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue or vinegar solution.

Yes you can! With a minimum order of 25 brackets per custom design, we can manufacture brackets in height, color, or finish of your choice for an additionl fee. Please allow additional production time for custom orders. Pricing varies based on design and/or finish modifications. Please e-mail us your specifications for customization costs. Although we do not create custom diameters, we do offer all brackets with an option of Slim saddle that can accomodate barres 1 3/8" - 2" Diameter. Please contact us for more information.

If you have metal studs, we strongly recommend installing backboard support. If installing backboard support is not an option for metal studs or if you are installing on a concrete wall, you would need to purchase special hardware to install the ballet barre brackets. Make sure to upgrade your hardware to our specialty Toggle Bolts for metal stud/hollow cinder block or Concrete Anchors for solid cement/solid cinder block. All brackets include hardware for installing on wood studs/ wood blocking or wood floor.

Custom Barres steel brackets are available in many powder coated colors including: Silver, Black, White, Red, Tiffany Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink and Purple. We also offer premium finishes including Brushed Stainless Steel #4 Finish or Antique Brass plating. If you need a custom powder coating color please contact us at for availability and pricing.

All of our barres and brackets are custom made to order. Production time is approximately 7-10 business days. We always try to ship sooner than the estimated time, but we cannot guarentee that. Custom or large orders may take longer. Once order is shipped it takes anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on your location. You can check estimated ground shipping time by using our shipping tool located at the bottom of our webpages (truck icon).

All orders can be upgraded to express shipping once production is done for an additional fee. Please contact for Express shipping rates. Availability of our RUSH Production option is limited and must to be confirmed with our production team before the order is placed. RUSH Production requests that require less than the standard production time for your order are charged a rush fee based on the size of the order (minimum of $250) If RUSH Production availability is confirmed the order must be placed within 24 hours and must be paid in full before production begins.

Receive 15 minutes complimentary phone consultation with members of our experienced design team. CB Specialists are available to discuss product features and gather details to create your custom ballet barre layout that meet our guidelines for maximum strength and performance. This is NOT specific to your construction conditions, as we are not licensed to give this kind of professional advise. Installation questions for special construction conditions are NOT included with this service as you would need to consult with a local licensed contractor.

Free Quotes are limited to 3 per customer (per project). Fees apply for each additional estimate/revision. All pricing are available online for further clarification and immediate review. Drawings are accepted for visual support, but lengths still need to be confirmed and indvidually listed as Custom Barres is not a licensed architect/contractor and is not responsible for misinterpreting drawings. Drawings can be e-mailed to Each and every barre length MUST be listed by the customer in addition to the drawings to ensure accuracy of the reading of your drawings.

Whether you choose Harlequin portable freestanding ballet barres or permanent wall-mounted ballet barres, you will realise they are almost a prerequisite for the dancer. Barre exercises focus on flexibility, strength, balance and precision. They also add a finishing touch to a dance studio or rehearsal space. Choose from single, double, square or oval, with custom bracket designs available to order.

Our professional studio quality barres are lightweight yet very stable. Constructed from anodised aluminium with a smooth silver finish, they are available with your choice of aluminium or beech barre.

The ALR Barre (patent pending) is the result of many years of my dream to create an at-home ballet barre that would be as aesthetically appealing as it was functional. I wanted a barre that would serve as a base of support for all barre and dance needs while still providing the beauty of a timeless piece of furniture that will fit into everyone's home. I am thrilled to finally share this project with you and to see this little dream of mine become a reality. I hope you love it as much as I do and can't wait to meet you at the ALR barre!

A ballet barre is an exercise object that Sims can use to practice ballet dancing. It's featured in The Sims 2: FreeTime and as a premium content that's included in Stiff As A Board, Light As A Feather Dance Collection set from The Sims 3 Store.

Ballet barres are objects added in The Sims 2: FreeTime. They build body skill, the hidden dancing skill, and enthusiasm for the Music and Dance hobby. They do build fitness, but do so very slowly. 041b061a72


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