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Buy Lifted Trucks

Everyone wants something slightly different from their lifted truck or Jeep, which is why Sherry 44 has an extensive selection of lifted trucks and lifted Jeeps for sale. You will notice that the vast majority are Rocky Ridge conversions as they have several decades of experience, allowing us to trust all of their conversions 100 percent. There are multiple different types of Rocky Ridge conversions available at Sherry 44, including the Adrenaline, Mad Rock, Alpine, and more. These conversions are also based on a range of vehicles, although the Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler are the most popular. With so much variation, you should be able to find one that meets your particular off-roading needs. Even if you can find the right lifted truck for sale in our inventory, we can even custom order one for you.

buy lifted trucks

With a lifted truck or Jeep, the terrain is no longer an obstacle that will get in the way of your next adventure. Lifted vehicles have enhanced ground clearance and large wheels and tires that can absorb bumps in the terrain along with suspension enhancements and other conversions. Instead of taking a risk and trying to do the lift yourself, it is best to leave it to the pros. At Sherry 44, you will only find lifts completed by professionals with years of experience, which is why we have enough confidence to include a great warranty with every model.

At Sherry 44, we aim to always have a selection of both new and used lifted models in our inventory. To help reach this goal, we buy lifted trucks from customers like you, and in the case of highly desirable models, we will even go pick it up from you. Just contact us to find out what your lifted vehicle is worth; we always offer a fair price. Keep the money or use your old model as a trade-in and get a discount on your new lifted Jeep or truck.

Looking for a custom lifted Ram truck or Jeep SUV? At our Ram and Jeep dealership near Auburn, it's easy to get a custom lift kit for your vehicle. We have Black Widow Ram trucks and Jeep SUVs, Rocky Ridge custom trucks and more. Learn about the lifted trucks for sale at our Herb Chambers Company and schedule a test-drive to get the keys to one for yourself. Interested in adding a lift kit to the vehicle you already drive? Just let us know. As your premier location for lifted truck and SUV sales, we'll be happy to assist you with your vehicle customization needs.

The motto of Rocky Ridge for over 35 years has been Work Hard, Play Hard. Rocky Ridge is known for customizing some of the toughest trucks on the market, and that includes the Ram 1500. Rocky Ridge Ram 1500 trucks include FOX shocks, an off-road suspension package, 35-inch BFGoodrich tires and the unmistakable Rocky Ridge grille. Stand out in style and make the world take notice when you buy or lease a new Ram 1500 Rocky Ridge lifted truck in Massachusetts.

Looking for rugged luxury while on the road? Look no further than a new Ram 1500 Badlander. New Ram Badlander trucks feature an off-road suspension lift kit, aggressive-looking tires, an integrated LED light bar in the front bumper and much more. Enjoy signature Badlander badging and countless other features that adorn the new Ram 1500 Badlander trucks for sale at our Herb Chambers Company.

Also, keep in mind that lifting your truck may void the warranty since you are significantly changing its overall structure. This is less of a risk for older trucks which have already outlived their warranty. Carefully consider lifting a brand new truck, as this can cause premature wear and added stress to critical components such as shocks, wheel bearings, suspension bushings, ball joints, and tie rods.

We provide our customers with premium forklifts that help increase efficiency and performance. Choose from our wide selection of internal combustion and electric lift trucks from manufacturers like Hyster, Yale, Combilift, Mariotti, and more.

Diesel and electric yard trucks move containers and semi-trailers and load and unload RoRo (Roll On / Roll Off) ships. They may also be mated with a gooseneck, cargo or roll trailer, container chassis, or heavy-duty trailer, to make a powerful transportation solution.

Pickup trucks are some of the most exciting American models. If you want to buy a pickup truck, it is essential to find a reliable seller to help you find the right specs. At Ewald Venus Ford, our expert team can help you browse models, pursue financing, and arrange customizations. A lift kit is one of the most common customizations for a Ford truck. Lifted trucks help their owners easily tackle inclines and debris, especially when driving off the road. The higher clearance protects the vehicle from scratches, scuffs, and other damages.

You can buy a lifted truck for sale at Ewald Venus Ford, or you can lift your current truck at our service department. Our Ford dealership in Milwaukee employs Ford-certified technicians that you can trust. We will help you understand what is right for your specific Ford truck! Customers can learn more about our truck lift kits when they visit the department.

Customers can learn more about Ford trucks and their lift kits when they meet with our team in person. Busy customers can even call for a consultation. Ewald Venus Ford wants to make buying a lift kit as easy as possible. We have in-depth advice, competitive prices, and Ford Motor Credit available to those who seek it! Even if you want to buy a truck for sale near you, our team can help.

Explore our inventory of used lifted trucks in Phoenix to find one that meets your specifications. Canyon State Trucks and SUVs takes pride in our diverse selection of lifted trucks, all sporting a sleek exterior and robust engines. Each vehicle in our inventory is background-checked and inspected, so you can purchase quality used lifted trucks and drive them around with confidence.

When people think of used cars, an image of a banged up and rusty truck with peeling paint comes to mind. The market in Phoenix, Arizona, however, is brimming with pre-owned lifted trucks in excellent condition. These vehicles sport an almost flawless body and high-performance engines.

If you're interested in getting a great deal on a pre-owned lifted truck, Hopper Motorplex has just what you're looking for. Located right in Plano, TX, Hopper Motorplex has an extensive selection of lifted trucks for you to choose from. We can even have our service department give one of our regular trucks a lift before you drive it home. Shop through our inventory of used trucks today!

Get a better view of the road and have more capability off-road by purchasing a used lifted truck from Hopper Motorplex. We are proud to feature the most extensive pre-owned lifted truck inventory in our area and would love to see you happy in a lifted truck of your own. If a lifted truck is what you want, Hopper Motorplex has no limits. Our service department is able to lift any of our pickup trucks to suit your needs. Shop our inventory of used lifted trucks in Plano, TX, today!

Lift any truck in the Hopper Motorplex inventory with the help of our trusted service professionals. Lifted trucks and SUVs are a Hopper Motorplex specialty, so you can rest assured you're in good hands. With years of experience under their belts, our service team will have your truck lifted in no time at all. Direct all your maintenance and repair needs to the service center at Hopper Motorplex.

We can handle a lot more than simply lifting trucks and would be more than happy to take care of your vehicle. From oil changes to brake replacement and much more, you can trust the experience mechanics at Hopper Motorplex with your vehicle. Contact us to schedule a service appointment today!

Are you having trouble deciding which of our used lifted trucks is the right fit for you? There is no better way to get a feel for a vehicle than an informative test drive with a Hopper Motorplex sales expert. We would be happy to take you out in your vehicle of choice and answer any of your questions. Contact Hopper Motorplex to schedule a test drive today!

The custom lifted trucks and custom lifted Jeeps we have in our inventory vary in price. With our Pilson Performance auto loan payment calculator you can put in the price of the custom lifted truck or custom lifted Jeep, then enter your expected down payment, trade-in value, and tinker with the term and interest rate to see what may best work for you.

If the truck has a BODY-LIFT, normaly that means it still has or uses the stock length shocks from the factory. In a case like that, you can use any stock size shock we list in our Online Catalog. (unless the manufacturer of the body-lift kit recommends something else.) We recommend using a monotube shock design, because a lifted truck tends to have a higher center of gravity, and monotubes offer much better stability, handling, and dampening force. Especially when larger tires are used.

Some shocks for lifted trucks are direct bolt on parts for a specific vehicle, and are available through our shock manufacturers, such as Bilstein 5100s, KYB Monomax, Rancho or Eibach Lift Systems. These will be listed in our Online Catalog when they are a bolt up application.

The shock companies we have do not make shocks for every lifted vehicle. For cases where a direct bolt on is not available, shock companies sometimes publish the size of their shocks and mounts configurations as a series of charts. This allows a qualified and trained fabricator / mechanic to choose a shock that best fits the modification made to the vehicle.

It all starts with our commitment to quality. Right off the bat, all of the custom trucks for sale at R&B Auto Center have to pass a rigorous 88-point inspection from our ASE-certified mechanics. The same highly skilled technicians also handle the installation process to lift cars and trucks, and we partner with only the best names in the business. For example, R&B Auto Center sources suspension components from Pro Comp, FOX, Bilstein, King, Icon, Carli, F-O-A, Dirt King, Mazzulla, and other well-known companies. 041b061a72

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